Our Heritage

The Sturm Funeral Homes have had a history of change and modification throughout the years. Though there have been a number 
of changes, our goals have remained the same, to serve the families that place their trust in us with personal service, and with quiet dignity.

The history of Sturm Funeral Home began in 1978 when Ron and Sharon Sturm purchased the Hoyt Funeral Home at 407 North Jackson in Springfield, MN and 201 South White Street in Comfrey, MN. In 1981 the Jensen-Koop Funeral Home at 302 North Marshall in Springfield, MN was acquired and the Springfield locations combined into one business entity at 407 North Jackson.

In 1982, Ron & Sharon Sturm and Jim O’Hare purchased the Clow Funeral Home at 512 Main West in Sleepy Eye. Ron & Sharon Sturm became sole owners of Clow and O’Hare Funeral Homes and in 1986 merged them into a new facility at 301 3rd Ave. S.W. in Sleepy Eye, MN.

In 1990, Ron & Sharon Sturm, Tom & Laura Kramer, & Dick & Betty Kramer, built the Kramer and Sturm Funeral Home at 906 10th Ave. S in St. James. Ron and Sharon later purchased the Tom & Laura Kramer and Dick & Betty Kramer portion of the Kramer and Sturm Funeral Home and merged that business into the Sturm Funeral Homes Corporation.

In 1993, the Sturm Funeral Homes purchased the Kluegel Funeral Homes of 502 South Main in Lamberton and 300 West Central in Sanborn, merging them into the Sturm company, and closing the Sanborn facility in 1995. In the spring of 2003 the building was moved off the lot in Lamberton and a new facility was built.

In 1994 a new facility was built at 101 Field St. in Comfrey, MN

In 1999, Sturm Funeral Homes entered into a management agreement with Bjerum Funeral Home of Mountain Lake, MN, merging it into the Sturm Corporation

In 2000, Prairie Planning Services was established to assist families with pre-planning and funding of funerals.

In 2000 Sturm Funeral Homes, along with area funeral homes created and continue to operate RiverValley Services, a provider of cremation services.

in 2002. During the winter of 2002 the Eifert Funeral Home in Mt. Lake was acquired and combined into one business entity at 420 10th St. N. in Mountain Lake, MN.

In 2004, Jay VanSickle and Justin Asmus purchased Sturm Funeral Homes, Inc, from Ron and Sharon Sturm.

In 2009 the Pease Funeral Home of St. James was acquired and merged into the 906 10th Ave. location in St. James.

In 2011, Pilgrim Funeral Home was purchased and is operated as Sturm Funeral Home, Pilgrim Chapel located at 303 E. Main St. in Madelia, MN.

The Sturm Funeral Homes have been a care-giving community neighbor for over three decades. Our commitment to excellence is a continuation of the work of those who helped establish our heritage. We honor those who have contributed to our traditions.

In Sleepy Eye: The Burginger, Fohl, Schwartz, Clow and O'Hare funeral homes
In Springfield: The Forester, Hoyt, Koop and Jensen funeral homes
In Lamberton: The Kluegel funeral homes
In Comfrey: The McKibbon and Hoyt funeral homes
In Mountain Lake: The Johnson and Eifert funeral homes
In St. James: The Peck, Watonwan Burial Association, Anderson and Jensen funeral homes, and Pease Funeral Home